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diamond certificate

Our Satisfaction Guarantee


When you purchase a diamond gift from Divas Diamond you will receive a Diamond Certificate. This states the characteristics of your product thereby ensuring your satisfaction guarantee.

If the diamond characteristics are found not to be as stated on your certificate we will accept the return of your jewellery and provide you with a full credit or replace the diamond with a diamond that meets or exceeds the characteristics as stated on the certificate.

Your Divas Diamond certificate inherits a unique identity number. This individual number allows us to trace your diamond's history from source to the finished result.

At our group we value the Kimberley Process and support Fair Trade and therefore you can rest assured that your diamond comes from a legitimate source.

Using the Divas Diamond identity number we are also able to identify the master craftsman who cut and polished the diamond, bringing it to life, and the skilled goldsmith responsible for showcasing its beauty in a timeless design.

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